It falls to us hair:

It may cause the fall distintintos factors: stress, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and many treatments capillaries unnatural .-


In most people causes a drop very intensa.En females mostly returned to regenerate, the male unemployment in most cases not yega to regenararse, causing baldness .-

The Medicines:

Most of the drugs that we have in the marketplace we are not properly informed of the side effects that we produse massive drop hair .-

The Cosmetics:

Most of the cosmetics carries a high porsentaje chemical, without the use saver for good, and then we go and devilitando burning hair, each more you see, we stayed till baldies .-

Capillary Treatments:

Most treatments capillaries miraculous, a party that did nothing, there are also many who damage the hair, for one simple reason: chemistry and hair are not compatible .-

The Meal:

Products that yevan a high percentage chemical causes hair loss .-




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