My name is Marina Resneeva Alexandrovna, I am a professor of Rucia, I have a course of herbal and physiotherapist.

Fourteen years ago I began to notice that my hair every desminuya times, and concerned about my hair, I began to search for recipes and reports, and I began to investigate and test. After fourteen years of research began to test a mixture of plants and natural oils with me and my husband, we began to see results on the second day, in the majority of cases that I have tried, the results have been among the first day , Photos, at most, three days and stopping the fall on the first day of treatment.

I have read many books on dermatology, books, which we only talk about disease, but nobody tells us as curran. I think the only thing that medical science has done is give names to diseases but not know how to treat them. The dermatologist said it was a normal day drop of fifty to one hundred hairs a day; I find they are wrong, because it takes a hair, which stems from an adult until about eight months ago, if as they say around the world would baldies because her hair was not regenerate as fast.

The first noticeable decline begins between fourteen and sixteen years of age, said that science is an infection of the hormonal system, in this case I disagree with them because I believe that the hair has a part of our body Why ? Because when we die hair continues to grow for a time. I also believe that it is genetic or hereditary Why? Yes, there are parents and children baldies baldies but there are fathers and sons baldies with hair and hair with parents and children baldies, is a bit contradictory. I think that the only thing we inherited from our parents is the structure and color of hair, not the disease.

I think that one of the most dangerous factors for hair loss is seborrhea, because when we fall seborrhoea tapona hair follicles peloso updating its growth.

The growth of hair is a slow process, with my treatment this process is a little faster, a total cavo need about two years or so, and not everyone grows like us, just faster and others slower.

The hair, normal hair with short hair is ten newspapers and with long hair can be, thirties, as much. The hair loss can never be one hundred per hundred to stop, because the hair needs to regenerate but not all we regenerates hair. The majority falls and not to be born again because of the diseases of the skin dermatitis, eczema, seborrhea, tinea, dandruff, and so on.

Incidentally, the dandruff is a reaction of the skin because of some shampoos with a high percentage chemical that causes us small burns on the skin, which is why I recommend using very gentle shampoos.

The vitamins and minerals they need to grow our hair, are:

Plant A, B5, B6, B8, E, F,

Keratin oils, zinc, selenium, sulfur, iron, calcium, magnesium, iodine phosphate

Sales magnesium, iodine phosphate

I found a formula of medicinal plants and a method of use, which opens the pores painless to feed the root, so that the hair can grow with this treatment, you can see very rapid and visible results in most cases the first day , and the fall considerably decreases. And in areas where there was no hair, the other day are tiny shoots from one to three mm. And so every day baldness is disappearing.

The natural growth of hair is a very long process, if we look at a child, from birth until his head was covered with hair may take between three and six years, with my product, we can accelerate the growth of hair in the middle of time.



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