Hello my patients and my future patients (people who want to have their hair healthy, shiny and with much volume).

This description refers to a request for an invention for a product applied topically for the treatment of baldness and skin diseases, whose obvious aim is configured as a product capasitado to obviate or at least reduce the fall of hair, being almismo time capasitado to cure skin diseases of the head, while working to hair that might have been affected by diseases of the skin over the area of the head, can again grow, while capasitado also to reduce or cure dermatophytosis TB skin, dermatitis, seborrhea and all types of alopecias, including alopecias arreada universal, and so on.

The product contains only natural ingredients with no percentage of quimica.Ademas to cure diseases such previously Res Sea loses wrinkling of the skin and thanks to the massage of the head which applies to the product are cured migraines and improved sight .

If you are not weak and want to have healthy hair, bright and very welcome volume / yy

Res Sea

A greeting Navy Resneeva



Copirrait Res-Mar