Dear Becky,

By this I wish to convey my gratitude for the publication in his column "people here" on Sunday February 20, 2005, in his interview with Navy Resneeva, creator of "Res-Sea."

First, I will present my name is Mike. Argente del Castillo and my profession is the legal profession. I am 26 years old and live and feel of Santa Fe, a town in which I live for about 11 years. Despite sharing neighbourliness with Navy had no knowledge of his discovery until the day of publication of his article.

In this past year and a half he venidosufriendo the acute suffering that occurs in a couple of the pareción clear and desefrenado progress of ticket sales. That is why approximately 11 months ago I began to take steps in this regard: Stop using hair gel and started to use infinities of products, including shampoo anticaída, masks capillaries fitness and a solution realizadaen pharmacy based minoxidil. The only thing at this time and noticed that the hair was still falling, which gastava money foolishly and every time my hair loss was more evident, not just for me but for all those who maintained a conversation with (imagine it feels like who suffers this problem and perceives that people talk to him looks at the clear hair).

Through my girlfriend had knowledge of his article, which commented in a first time without pay particular attention, but from that moment I tried "documentarme" about the possible truth of this product. To that end I started to talk to citizens of Santa Fe, serious people with whom I have great confidence and that conosen to perfection to the People and its inhabitants. From these discussions I reached the same conclusion, that it was true, but believe operating cost, and it always was accompanied by names of people who have undergone treatment with a positive result of the Navy. The most significant example I gave an elderly lady in particular that I trust. The example is called Paul, the husband of the Navy, which has always lived here in the town and had a inportante and manifest problem with alopecia. Well, I would say just now where once there was a hair bald.

That made me decide, and several days after publication of his article I contacted Navy, even with a wide margin of doubt on the effectiveness (assuming it might be possible that everything was a sham and that her husband had done a implant as part of the plan).

That's when I got in touch with Navy and her husband, and I concluded an appointment with them. On a March Mariana recognized me and I was showing photographs of persons to whom he had attended, including photos of her husband who was present and showed the radical change. Toqué even pulling his hair the same, most of them by choice than by my own, because I had already decided to start the treatment especially when I agreed with Navy would pay the first three sessions of the third day after treatment, and if not observed results went with my money and done deal.

So I started treatment. I will not describe in detail the same, simply indicate consisting of the application of a preparation that you navy applies throughout the scalp, and that you are leaving your home for the same post. In several hours you enjuagas hair and then you enjabonas and fair.

Although he did not believe that the effects may be evident from the outset, the truth is that what I noticed while I tried to stay cautious, but esevidente that since the next morning something hera clear: no reason why the fall but stated that special in the morning almost not seen (where I saw before falling ten or twelve hairs now only saw two fall, and I do not deny that at that moment I thought it could be due to the auto), plus the touch hera particularly smooth hair and scalp showing especially bright and clean and something that attracted my attention was observing the very pores open, could almost desir who believed they were inflamed. That day - the March 2 - went to the time specified with a considerable degree of optimism to the second meeting with Navy.

The second session started with a novelty that subsequently there has been in each event. Navy me a kind of camera placed in different parts of the scalp as a result of which could be viewed through the same TV, as well as hair, and some people will be displayed alongside the existing hair hair more clear and bastente finest and she attributed to treatment (although I had serious doubts). He again apply the solution throughout the scalp and had to repeat the prosedimiento after several hours to reach my house. The next morning the same thing, falling appreciated especially in the mornings had declined so significantly to the point of almost desapareser.

At this point, I was brimming with euphoria. Was then that I began to realize that the treatment worked and Navy had achieved what I wanted, to stop the fall of my hair and myself despite being very cautious was able to admit it in so only two sessions. In this state of optimism went to the third event, because the first three have to be consecutive, and I returned to my scalp observe through the screen, although again I say that not attached special importance to these fine hair, because my what was relevant at the notorious detention hair loss.

Here comes a refraction for Navy personnel would have been easy to say that the treatment should continue to receive as a result those who already appreciated that the hair was not falling as before. Worse in that instant she took a position that was the beginning which led to rely on the tartamiento. It continued to maintain that the seciones I had agreed she would grow new hair throughout the scalp, but especially in the clear and tickets. It would have been easy in the case of a farce to say that it had obtained the fruits of your product, but no, she said that the results would be clearly visible within one month, but which gradually evidenciarían increasingly.

And so being. After the third visit, on March 3, in which we follow the procedure above, Maria told me that he was going to clarify three more appointments, two the following week in separate days (Monday and Thursday were the ones who agreed) and one week later, after which I would take a boat home and continue treatment every two or three days.

After the third event I saw during those days as the hair showed much less greasy, and decreased dramatically falling, as the hair that is the logical fell, but not as I went past. I must inform you that I leave Navy clear from the outset that the hair has to remain cayéndoos but not very abundant, and that it was compensated with the new hair growing. It is simply a regeneration.

The last event that I attended was on Monday March 7. It is that which has motivated me to rush this forward. After four days without resorting to treatment of the Navy I could see through the camera that has appeared fairly new hair throughout the scalp, and this is evident in just seven days of tartamiento. The difference between these hair thinner than before displayed a much lesser amount, and those who already had shown in thickness as I indicated, but also in tone, as they are noticeably clearer than the rest.

I matizarle that I have seen that there is any kind of trick or modification in the camera that could make it projected image different from that focus.

In conclusion it indicates that although the tartamiento not finished, I am incredibly happy with the results to date, despite the fact that I know that within weeks will be even much better. So I thank you and I am indebted to you. You have prompted by the publication of his article - others would not have published something like this because this issue has always existed a lot of lies and business - who knew of the existence of this investigation and its creator, Resneeva Navy, and as a result now I see their results and that is not only turning into my hair, I feel happier.

About the price I will say only that I will represent an amount equivalent to the total market value of all products "engañabobos" you used before, and yet is not expensive if one takes into consideration the results.

Once again I show you my gratitude by writing this article, and I am at disposal for what concidere course. I believe that the work of the Navy is worthy of being published and I think that can be interesting topic for investigative journalism bring to light a product that works against alopecia, and who better than you that has already referred to it to investigate the matter.

Without another individual, I must send a cordial greeting and my gratitude. Yours.



Copirrait Res-Mar